Take Time To Build With Your Family & Connect With LEGO

Building LEGO is one of Carter and Kennedy's favorite activities.  Carter has a LEGO table in his room and it is so helpful when the kids build and create. We have thousands of LEGO bricks, but I will continue to keep purchasing them because they are seriously the best toy ever.  Carter and Kennedy play so well together when they are building LEGO sets together. Creating with LEGO helps the kids improve their fine motor skills, they learn to read and follow instructions with the booklet, and they also learn to be creative when you give them a box of classic LEGO pieces.  Shake off the fatigue of the holiday hustle and connect with your family in a creative and fun filled LEGO building activity.  On December 26th, The LEGO Group will be unboxing a new tradition for families around the world called LEGO Build Day.

Sometimes when the kids are playing LEGO I will even turn on an audio book for them to listen to and they just play and build for hours. I am serious. They play so well together when it comes to building with LEGO bricks and I love to watch their minds get creative and explore different ways to build and make things.

It is also nice every once in a while to purchase a new LEGO set. My kids go crazy when I have a new set waiting for them in the morning at the booth where we eat. This is even a great idea to do over winter break.  Every child loves LEGO and a new set is always fun. 

I love that LEGO sets make their mark on children's minds and hands. They will thrive as they create easy-to-build LEGO building toy sets, spurring them on to stretch their imagination with creative play! What are your favorite children's activities?

I encourage all of you this winter to sit with your children and build with LEGO.  Get creative and use your imagination.  Build what is on the box, but then take it apart and build your own creation.  Share your finished product using #LEGOBUILDDAY

Here are some photos from the day our LEGO package arrived.  The kids were so excited.  I don't ever want to forget these special memories.

Just when you thought you've seen everything you can do with LEGO bricks, LEGO comes up with something new and inventive.  LEGO Dots came out about a year ago.  Dots creations are flatter, colorful, tiles to decorate a variety of accessories and home décor items.  The kids love creating with LEGO Dots.

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