The Best Games For Families This Holiday Season

Let's be honest, there's nothing better than a board game to bring the whole family together during the holidays.  Whether you're looking for a way to keep the kids occupied or something to do in the evenings or weekends, I have a list of our personal favorite board games. If you have been following us for awhile you know how much we love board games. We play a board game almost daily in our house. I love that we play as a family and it takes away from electronics and the kids have to think of strategies, think about the game, possibly read clues or questions, and sometimes even a little math is involved while playing games.  Here are a few of our favorites that will make you laugh, get you thinking and get the whole family involved.

First I wanted to share a few new ones that we just got for the holiday season.  I am so excited about these games.  The kids will be getting these games from their elves during the month of December.  The kids are on winter break from November 25th through January 11th (I know, it's a long winter break) so these new games will keep us busy throughout the days.  We will play and have fun and enjoy staying in doors and spending time together.  Funko Games has so many great games for the holiday season like, Funko Games ELF Journey From The North Pole, ELF Snowball Showdown, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation card game, Frosty The Snowman Follow The Leader card game, Something WILD Disney Mickey & Friends card game.

Here are some other family favorites:

Crocodile Dentist: This game is a personal favorite.  I remember having the game when it came out in 1990 and my sister and I would play all the time.  It was one of our favorites.  Recently the kids got their own version of the game and we have been playing it constantly.  It is easy, fun, and a new family favorite.

Monopoly Bid For It: The player who wins the game or bid wins the dispute, turning any shouting match into laughing fits. It is a fast playing game that places power in the players’ hands, allowing you to settle the score and have a little fun while doing it.

Clue North Pole Edition: We have always loved the game Clue, but this new limited edition version we received is the classic Clue game with a holiday twist! In this suspenseful game, players have to find out which elf is responsible for taking all the holiday gifts. Up to 6 people can play and it is so fun.

Candy Land: This is one of our favorites and it helps kids learn colors and counting. We have the original Candy Land from my childhood, a Disneyland version, and Disney Princess version.  There is also a Christmas edition one that we love.

Sorry: We have the Disneyland version and love it. This really teaches kids about counting forward and backward and is so much fun.

Scrabble: This game we play with teams. Usually one parent and child vs the other parent and child. We really like scrabble because it helps the kids think of words, add up their points and learn about vowels.

Star Wars Battle Ship: The kids love this game. 

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game: This one is the best! It helps kids learn colors and hand-eye coordination. You have to collect all your color squirrel nuts before the other players and you win. It is easy and so fun. It's one of my kids' favorite games.

Fancy Nancy Wedding of The Century Game: This game is so cute. It is hard to find Fancy Nancy games. You have to gather a complete set of wedding game picture tiles to fill your game board and win. So simple and fun.

 Yahtzee: We play this one as a family. The kids still need a little help with this game. But it is a classic and good for kids to learn to add and subtract numbers.

Pokemon Battle Academy: This came out over the summer and Carter is obsessed. Honestly we play this game just to please Carter and Kennedy. Blake and I sit there the whole time not knowing any Pokemons, who is battling, or winning but it makes the kids so happy so we play and that is all that matters.

Guess Who?! We own currently 4 Guess Who games. We have a Trolls, original Guess Who, Disney, and MLP. We love this game. Easy to play and so fun.  

Matching Game: This is basically like memory. We have a Fancy Nancy one, Minnie Mouse one, Hello Kitty, and Disney one. We love this game. Kennedy always wins. Her memory is crazy good!

Pretty Pretty Princess: It is a classic and I have been playing this with my sister since I was little. I actually have the game that my sister and I grew up with. This is probably Kennedy's favorite game. So many amazing memories and this game holds a special place in my heart.

Disney Song Challenge: Somehow I always seem to win this game. It is fun. Get ready to show off your Disney song skills or spin the wheel of fun sequence!

 Hedbanz: We have 2 versions - the original and Disney one. This is so fun and full of laughs. 

Yettie in my Spaghetti: We really like this game. It is easy to play and quick. Just be swift when you grab that spaghetti noodle!

Match: I have shared about this game all the time. This might be the game we play the most. It is easy and fun and there are so many different versions. Just get 5 pictures in a row the exact same and you win. There are Trolls, Super Mario Bros, Disney Princess, Minions, and so many more! It is the best game!!

Monopoly: We love Monopoly. I grew up playing this game a lot. We have so many Monopoly games. We have the original, Disney, Super Mario Bros, Disney Villians, The Mandalorian, Space and more. This is such a classic game. The entire family loves it!

Mall Madness: I played this game with my sister growing up and I still wish we had our original game, but recently Hasbro sent me a brand new one and we love it. We play as a family or I play with the kids or just Kennedy. It teaches the kids about money, purchasing items, adding and subtracting and we love it. I also really like that they added boy characters, so Carter loves being Dax. The version growing up only had girl characters.

Sweet Valley High: This game is by far one of the most used in our house. I grew up playing this with my sister and right when the pandemic started I purchased it online and paid a pretty penny for it, but it has been so worth it. It is the best game and we love it!

Dominoes: We have original dominoes and sometimes even use trains. It is so fun. We also have a Disney Princess set and Leap Frog Animal Dominoes. We really love playing dominoes as a family. 

Jenga: This game is always fun but nerve-racking. You have to carefully select and stack the wooden pieces to see how high you can get before you or a friend knocks the tower down. This is so hard for the kids sometimes. But they love to play. Then they will end up building for fun with the blocks for hours.

Take The Cake:  Take the Cake is a simple game that’s pure fun! As you shake the shaker, you’ll hone fine motor skills, as well as shape and color recognition. 

When it comes to Card games we love UNO and we own so many fun versions like original, Pokemon, Disney, etc. We love Old Maid and Snap. These games are great to take on road trips and on plane rides. We also love these Little Hands Card Holders they make it so easy for the kids.

My favorite game to play when I host a party is LRC! It is a favorite and you win actual money when you play! It is so fun!!

Recently Hasbro Gaming just came out with their newest Target exclusive Space Capsule collection featuring the classic games you know and love with an outer space twist. It includes Monopoly Space, Battleship Outer Space and Trouble On The Moon.

All of these games would make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers this holiday season.  I love that a game is something that can last forever.  Generations and generations of kids can play these games and pass them down to friends and family.  Games are fun, they bring people together, and you can also learn at the same time while having fun.  I would love to hear what games are your family favorites!

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