Carter's Holiday Gift Guide

This year I thought it would be really fun to write a blog post with Carter. What better blog post to write together than a holiday gift guide to everything he is asking for this Christmas. It has all the latest toys and gadgets and everything he really wants. I recently had the opportunity to go to a virtual event called Holiday of Play and he found so many fun things there too. His list just goes on and on. So here is Carter's Holiday Gift Guide in case you have a 9 year old who loves and wants everything!

1. Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot: Kids can code from the first go with the next generation of this award-winning remote control coding Botley robot.  Program Botley to do a sequence of up to 150 steps and discover 16 fun interactions that transform Botley into a train, police car, ghost, and more!  Botley includes expanded coding styles such as music, lights and movement.  I love that it is screen-free coding and helps kids learn coding and STEM skills without a tablet or phone - coding for kids has never been easier!  Carter is going to love coding and playing with Botley and I love that it does not require a phone or tablet.

2. LEGO Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control: Carter loves LEGO.  He is a master builder and spends hours at his LEGO table in his room.  This one will be so fun for him to build and play with.  

3. Blocks: Carter really enjoys building things and I know he will love these blocks and create and build something wonderful.

4. Pokemon Walkie Talkies: I just know Carter will have so much fun with these, probably talking with his sister from both ends of the house.  I can already hear the stories and laughter from each of their rooms.

5.  LEGO Go Brick Me: I have already shared how much Carter loves to create and build with LEGO.  This Go Brick Me is so cool because Carter can create himself.  It comes with 708 pieces of non-stop creating and fun.

6. LEGO Goofy & Pluto & Donald Duck: Carter loves LEGO Brickheadz.  They are so fun to build and he has so many on his LEGO table.  He plays with them and I love to see him creating and using his hands and eyes imagining, creating, and having so much fun.  As you know, we love anything and everything Disney.  He saw these two online and he was like, "I need those for sure."

7. LEGO Pop Up Book:  If this does not scream Carter's name, I don't know what does.  He loves LEGO, books, creating and telling stories and when I saw this LEGO pop up book I knew he would love it.  It comes with 2 classic fairytales and it looks amazing.

8. Pokemon Battle Set: Carter loves Pokemon.  He loves figurines and will play for hours in his room building houses for the figurines or battles and he just has the biggest imagination.  I love it,  This battle set is a must for any Pokemon fan.

9. Animal Crossing Stuffed Animal:  Carter is obsessed with Animal Crossing.  He saw this in the Target catalog and circled it so fast.  He will totally sleep with this, travel with it and it will be his favorite.  

10. Pokemon Playset:  Carter will love this.  He will have epic battles with his Pokemon figurines and I can just hear him playing now.  It has many different locations with one playset and comes with a Pikachu figurine.  I love that it can fold into a backpack so he can take it when we travel.

11. Pokemon Construction Set:  By now you already know Carter loves building and creating and everything Pokemon, so when he saw this in the Christmas catalog it went on the list right away.

12. Osmo Pizza Co:  Carter and Kennedy have become huge Osmo fans in the last month.  We own two of their learning games already and Carter loves pizza, using math and being a cashier.  I have a feeling Carter and Kennedy will love this game and love playing together.  They will be having fun but learning at the same time.

13. Super Mario Bros Calendar: Carter currently has a calendar in his room and he writes everything on his planner, birthdays, school stuff, reminders, etc.  He is too cute.  So he wanted a new 2021 calendar for his room.  We are sure excited for a new calendar and a new year.

14. Animal Crossing Pajamas: These pajamas are soft and come with all the adorable characters.  There is also an elastic waistband which is so nice for kids.

15. Scooter: We LOVE Micro Kickboard scooters. We have been loyal customers since the kids were little and wanted their first scooters. Carter currently has a blue one, but has been asking for a green one.

16. Nintendo Labo: There are 5 different Nintendo Labo kits you can purchase.  Carter has all of them except one.  He does not have the vehicle kit.  These kits are so cool and provide hours of fun.  You can create, build and play.  It is basically like a DIY with cool creations and you can even invent your own!  The kits come with everything you need, including the game.  

Carter loves anything and everything Pokemon.  Pokemon sent Carter some amazing gifts back in 2019 (click here to see that post) and some fun stocking stuffers this year.  He is going to love this Pikachu Pokemon Winter Carnival Poke Plush, Applin Pokemon Winter Carnival Poke Plush Key ChainGreedent Pokemon Winter Carnival Poke Plush Key Chain and Trimming The Tree Sliding Celebrations Pokemon Pin.

Well if Carter thinks of one more thing to add to this list, we might be in trouble!  He is already ready to mail his letter to Santa since we won't be visiting him this year due to the pandemic.  If he adds more to his list or something fabulous comes out that I think might be awesome, I will be sure to add and let you all know. But if you happen to have a 9 year old who loves LEGO, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, being outside, Nintendo, and basically just loves anything and everything then this list might be for you. Carter is definitely easy to shop for!

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