Need ideas on how to keep the kids busy this holiday weekend or this fall? Pick up some new games that are not only fun, but will also help them use their imagination, hand eye coordination, teamwork, and so much more!

Get ready to load, launch and score with Sky Score! Load a sky spinner into the launcher, choose a target on the board, and squeeze the trigger to send the spinner flying. It will keep everyone active and challenged. Kids will have a blast going head-to-head in this game of skill, timing, technique, and a bit of luck. Score points by landing the spinner on the poles and the scoring zones on the board. Land a spinner through the backboard slot for an automatic win.

Super Mario Jenga is fun and challenging and is a spin on the original Jenga game. In Mario Jenga you race up the tower as Mario, Peach, Toad or Luigi. You earn points and collect coins and there is even a fun spinner! Spin the spinner to determine the number of blocks to stack, how many layers your Super Mario character must climb, or whether to reverse play or collect coins. Players move their pegs up and their opponents' pegs down as they remove and stack blocks. But if the tower falls as they climb or stack, they lose coins and the game ends. Race up to the top of the Jenga tower to battle and defeat Bowser! All players add up their points at the end of the game and the highest score wins.

Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition Board Game is perfect for any Super Mario fans. The kids learned how to buy, trade, sell and scheme to win! In this edition of the Monopoly game, Toad houses and Princess Peach's castles replace houses and hotels. Utilities are reimagined for Bowser Jr. and Magikoopa. Press the Question Block to collect or lose coins or to take another turn, and hear classic Super Mario sound effects such as Bowser's laugh, the Power-Up sound, and more. Board spaces feature scenes and themes that Super Mario fans will recognize, including Yoshi's Island, Forest of Illusion, and New Donk City.

All of these games are new from Hasbro and they are so much fun. They are sure to keep the entire family busy, active, and having fun together this holiday weekend and Fall. They would also make great birthday or holiday gifts. Stay safe. 

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