Celebrate International Whale Shark Day

What is a shark's morning routine?! He heads to the beach for a BIG breakfast! Today is international whale shark day. Even though this species is a gentle giant, we love to celebrate them ferociously. Did you know the whale shark is the largest type of shark and can grow up to 60 feet long?! Just because summer has flown by does not mean the adventures need to end. Join IMAX and Hulu as they take you on a deep dive into Earth's oceans and highlight the creatures that inhabit it with the beloved documentary, Journey To The South Pacific. It is now streaming on Hulu. We love celebrating fun international days and holidays, so today I am sharing some fun activities and ways you can celebrate international whale shark day.

What do you get when you take four IMAX camera teams on a staggering 65 hour journey from the U.S. to West Papua with 25,000 pounds of IMAX 3D equipment in tow?... A beautiful shot of one of the true wonders of the world's oceans, the colossal, 10 ton whale shark, famed as the largest fish in the sea.  Today celebrate International Whale Shark Day with the IMAX documentary Journey To The South Pacific now streaming on Hulu.

I put out a few things to get the kids excited for today.  I made a small balloon arch, under the sea gummy candies in the shape of our favorite sea animals, blue and white M&Ms, cupcakes with shark fin toppers, shark popcorn holders, activity pages, Goldfish, and more!

You can print the shark popcorn holder here.

You can print the activity pages here and here

Did You Know?
Whale sharks are indeed sharks, they are not warm blooded mammals as whales are, but their gargantuan size of up to 40 feet (and possibly more), their style of filter feeding by opening their mammoth mouths and scooping up tiny plants and animals, and their sinuous beauty mirror the better known whale.

The whale shark can weigh as much as 66,000 pounds, rivaling the largest of dinosaurs.
Despite their mind boggling size, they are not a threat to humans.
The shark's 3,000 tiny teeth can't bite and though the whale shark's mouth is 3 feet wide with a powerful suction, it can't accidentally swallow a person because its throat is too narrow.

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