The Adventures Of Rockford T. Honeypot

We are on summer vacation and while this summer may look a little different than previous summers because we are just staying home this year, the kids are still doing their summer packet of school work to make sure they are prepared for the coming school year. I also make sure you the kids read every day. Summer reading is critical for children to retain knowledge and skills learned in the previous school year. Children who don't read are at risk of falling behind. Parents can avoid this by making sure kids take time to read every day.  Carter and Kennedy both love chapter books.  Obviously, since Kennedy is only 6 she needs someone to help read with her, but Carter is almost 9 and can completely read on his own and he is an excellent reader.  He will also read with Kennedy and I love that.  If you are looking for a new book for your children, I wanted to share that they loved The Adventures Of Rockford T. Honeypot.  It is a great book, especially with this difficult time in the world that we are all dealing with and it is a perfect alternative to kids being on devices all day long.

The story is about a young chipmunk named Rockford T. Honeypot, who is shy but has dreams of thrilling adventures across the forest. However, timid of danger and germs, his only adventures were found in books and his imagination. When his family abandons him after a mistake that destroys their hazelnut business, Rockford sets off on a legendary journey beyond his wildest dreams. From exploring cuisines with a famous chef, training with ancient warrior monks, flying on giant hawks, finding true love, and much more, Rockford recounts his epic origin story of hardship, perseverance, and fortune.

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Here are some delicious themed recipes I wanted to share with all of you!

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