DIY Candy Bouquet

Candy bouquets are so easy and versatile. I am always looking for fun ideas for different occasions. These make the perfect birthday, graduation, dance recital, teacher, or thank you gift. The options are endless. 

Supplies: vase, candy bars, tape, wood skewers, tissue paper, and ribbon.

Directions: tape each wood skewer to the back of each candy bar. Then add the candy bars on the wood skewer into the vase. Then add candy into the vase and fill it to the very top. I used starbursts, individually wrapped snickers, etc. Once the vase is filled with candy, you can rearrange your candy skewers to how you want them displayed. I like some higher and some a little lower. I also add tissue paper in the back. I just pinch it in the middle and tuck it into the vase between the candy. Then I add a bow around the vase.

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