Step Into The Ring With Netflix The Main Event

Earlier this week we were able to preview the new movie The Main Event on Netflix and it was so good. It is out today. With everything going on in the world and everyone spending more time at home this is the perfect time to gather everyone in front of the TV and watch The Main Event. Everyone will love it.  It is full of laughs, entertainment and action, so get ready!

When 11 year old Leo (Seth Carr) discovers a magical wrestling mask that grants him super strength, he uses it to enter a WWE competition.  With the support of his grandmother (Tichina Arnold), Leo will do whatever it takes to achieve his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar.  Can one kid win it all, in the face of epic challengers in the ring?  Directed by Jay Karas, The Main Event costars Adam Pally, Ken Marino, and features WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston, The Miz, and Sheamus!

Blake and I both grew up watching professional wrestling.  It was so fun introducing the kids to wrestling, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, and more.  We were honored to be invited to interview Seth Carr, who plays Leo and Tichina Arnold, who plays Denise.  Since everyone is staying home right now, we did the meeting on Zoom.  Carter and Kennedy were so professional. They wrote a list of questions after seeing the movie and had them placed on a clip board.  We were all excited to meet Seth and Tichina and visit with them and ask questions about The Main Event.

Look at these two with their questions, clip board, and asking the questions during the virtual press junket.

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