Preparing For Guests This Holiday Season

The holidays bring out the most magical moments.  Filled with family, traditions, and cheer, but as every host knows, a lot of behind the scenes work goes into making it magical.  If you are entertaining guests over the holidays, your job never ends.  Here are some ways I am creating a warm and inviting guest room this holiday season.

Our guest room was painted, we bought a new dresser, bedside tables, lamps, bedding and more. It is coming together so nicely. I love the new bedding. It is so important to have wonderful, soft, luxurious bedding for your guests when they visit. The bedding is from Linens & Hutch. Protect your comforter and improve the presentation of your bedroom with this beautiful ribbon patterned 3-piece duvet cover set. Made with the finest microfibers, this classic piece is utterly soft and smooth. The duvet cover provides the highest quality due to its durability, stain repelling feature, and overall long lasting nature. Included in the 3-piece set are two matching pillow shams, along with the duvet cover.  A new sheet set is essential when having guests visit during the holidays.  It is so smooth and durable.  They are wrinkle free sheets, which is nice so I never have to worry about ironing sheets again.

I did not want to add personal items to the room. That way when our guests are visiting they don't feel like they are sleeping in someone else's bed.  I wanted this room to focus on making my guests feel as comfortable as possible.  I decorated the room for Christmas and I am so happy with how it turned out.  I just added some simple touches to make it feel festive and fun.  

I think a television is important so guests can watch TV or movies.  I also like to add books to the bedside table drawers and some magazines on the dresser.  

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