T.O.T.S Bringing This Baby Home

Last month a new show premiered on Disney Junior and my kids were instantly obsessed with it. T.O.T.S. (Tiny Ones Transport Service) is an animated show created by Travis Braun. The show is about Pip the penguin and Freddy the flamingo, two delivery birds in-training at T.O.T.S. who are the non-stork delivery birds at the corporation. Together, the two help take care of the babies and travel around the globe to find their forever families in need while learning to solve problems. Vanessa Williams and Megan Hilty voice characters on the show. I love that it teaches kids that all families are not the same.

Every successful delivery earns Pip and Freddy a stamp in their official baby booklet, and with the recent announcement that Disney Junior has already ordered a second season of T.O.T.S., we can look forward to more stamps - and more adventures - for the unlikely team.

On August 13th (this Tuesday) it will be available on DVD.  It includes seven 22 minute episodes and believe me your kids will fall in love with each episode and all the animals!  

Time to put on a TOTS puppet show with your very own DIY Freddy the Flamingo and Pip the Penguin! Download the instructions now at http://bit.ly/TOTSCraftSheet

Time to munch on some of your very own adorable Pip the Penguin Cookies! Download the recipe now at http://bit.ly/TOTSRecipeSheet

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