The Best Glider Rocker For Your Nursery

I wanted to share my experience with the Delta Children Blair Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair.  A good glider is absolutely essential, especially in those first few weeks when all you're doing is feeding your baby and trying to get on some sort of routine and schedule.  So sit back and read about why this glider is a must for your nursery or your home. 

This glider is super comfortable. After delivery and coming home from the hospital, you will be sore and need time for recovery, and a soft, comfortable glider is exactly what you need. Plus, if family or friends are visiting it is nice to slip away for a little while when you need to feed and sit in the nursery and relax in your glider and have a moment to yourself with the baby.

I love the style and the look of this glider. It has a soothing swivel and I just love it in the room. It also comes in 3 colors, which is so nice. So get ready to cradle your baby, watch the big game or just kick back and relax in this amazing glider chair from Delta Furniture. The smooth, built-in gliding and swivel system allows for gentle rocking motions. Working with limited square footage? No problem, it's designed for smaller spaces, but big on function, versatility and mobility-and comes at a great price so you can make the most of every square inch.

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