DIY Apple Balloons For Back To School

Carter and Kennedy are smiling from ear to ear with these easy to make apple balloons. They are perfect to surprise your kids with as props for those treasured first day of school photos. You can also delight your teacher with a bouquet of apple balloons on the first day of school too. These apple balloons will even make the most nervous child smile.

Supples: red balloons, helium tank, red balloon string, green paper, brown paper, scissors and tape.

First cut out a leaf shape from green paper. You will need one leaf for each balloon. You will also need to cut out one brown stem, using the brown paper. Next inflate your balloons. Tie them with a red string. Then fold the leaf and stem under about 1/4" from the bottom to make a tab for attaching them to the top of the balloon. Place the stem and leaf at the top of the balloon and secure them down with tape. 

It is as easy as ABC 123!

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