Handmade Simba and Nala Costumes With Primary

The king arrives this month!  We are so excited to see Lion King on July 19th. The cast includes Beyonce, Seth Rogan, James Earl Jones, and more. It is going to be amazing. Just like in the 1994 film, Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny on the plains of Africa. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub's arrival. Scar, Mufasa's brother and former heir to the throne, has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is soon ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba's exile. Now, with help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba must figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his.  I can't wait to see this movie.  Every time I watch the trailer I get so excited.  Today I decided to make handmade Simba and Nala costumes that required no sewing, just my trusty glue gun.  So get ready to roar and put your mane on!

I made these Simba and Nala costumes for fun. My kids love dressing up and these costumes required no sewing and were so easy. I got the the sunshine and petal pajamas from Primary. They have everything, and I mean everything! They have tees, tanks, polos, dresses, bathing suits, shorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, leggings, pants, sweats, skirts, pajamas, socks, underwear, tights, rompers, and more! I think it is important for kids to be confident on the inside and out, and Primary can help with that! I love that Primary has the best and most comfortable clothing for my kids.  They just love their clothing.  Besides the clothing from Primary, the supplies I needed were a glue gun, headbands ( I found them at the Dollar Store), felt (light pink, brown, yellow, beige) tulle (white and light pink) yellow ribbon. My ribbon and all the felt I bought were from Joann Fabrics.

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For Simba I used the sunshine pajamas from Primary.  I cut strips of yellow, beige, and brown felt for around the mane.  I tied the strips onto the headband and used a template for the ears.  You can find the template here for the ears.  For the mane around the neck and chest I glued the strips onto a ribbon and tied the ribbon around Carter's neck.  The Simba mask can be found here.

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For Nala I used the petal pajamas from Primary.  I cut strips of tulle and tied them around the headband for her mane.  For the ears I used a template and you can find it here.  You can find the Nala mask here.  I also measured Kennedy's waist and cut strips of tulle and made her a tutu skirt.  

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 I also picked up some fur at Joanns and used it for the arms on Simba's costume

 For Nala I also made her tulle skirt and I made her some wrist accessories too.  For the wrist accessories, I used two brown hair ties and just tied tulle around them until they were nice and full.  For the tulle skirt I measured Kennedy's waist and cut an elastic band to that measurement.  I cut long pieces of tulle and folded the tulle strip in half and took the tulle strip loop and placed it behind the elastic band.  Take tulle strip ends, thread through tulle strip loop.  Pull tight to create a knot around the elastic band and just repeat.

Love this Simba backpack that my sister has kept from our childhood.

I decided to make an old Lion King VHS case into a purse. It was so easy. All you need is a VHS case, a drill, hot glue gun and hot glue gun sticks, scissors, fabric, metal rings, and a purse strap. Blake drilled 4 holes, two in the outer corners of the back half of the VHS. This makes it so the front of the VHS opens. After the holes are drilled I placed my metal rings through the holes and clamped them closed. Next find some fun fabric and line the inside of the case. I found some Lion King fabric at Joann Fabrics and used the actual VHS tape and just layed the tape over the fabric and traced it and cut it out and glued it into the VHS case. After that your VHS purse is basically done. I used one of my old vintage Louis Vuitton straps for this VHS purse but you can use any old purse strap or a fun chain or whatever you can think of. You could even use ribbon. This VHS purse does not hold a lot of things, but I basically made it for fun. This VHS purse literally cost me less than $5 to make. I had to purchase the Lion King fabric and the VHS case. I had everything else.

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These Lion King cookie pops were so easy to make and so fun!  They make a delicious summer activity that is great for indoors in case you are trying to stay cool from the heat.  You will need: lollipop sticks, Oreo Golden Sandwich Cookies, white vanilla melting wafers, candy eyeballs, orange sprinkles, black icing pen, parchment paper, orange icing pen, and orange food coloring.

First I put my white vanilla melting wafers into a glass microwavable bowl and microwaved them until all the wafers were melted.  Then I added just a drop or two of the orange food coloring and mixed it up really well so it looked like a light orange/skin color.  Then I placed a lollipop stick into the center of each Oreo Golden Sandwich Cookie.  Then dip each cookie into the orange melted wafer mix.  Place the cookie on a sheet of parchment paper and add two candy eyeballs to dry.  Once I was done dipping all the cookies and adding the eyes I put mine in the fridge for an hour to really harden.  After the cookies have hardened use your orange icing pen to trace a circle around the lion's face.  Before the orange icing dries sprinkle the orange sprinkles over the face so it looks like a mane for the lion.  Then get your black icing pen and add a nose and mouth and you are done!

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I just love all these Lion King posters, so I had to share them with all of you.