Preserving Family Memories With Legacybox

This post is sponsored by Legacybox but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Today everything is digital and it is so easy to take a photo with your phone and have that memory forever, or with my blog I write and post photos daily, keeping those memories alive so that I can look back on them for many years. But my high school and college days were all pre-cell phone cameras and Blake and I started dating when I was in 14, so trying to find those photos of our first years together is hard, which is why I enlisted Legacybox to help me keep those memories alive. 

When we used to use film cameras, I would print every single photo I took, so I am thankful for all the photos I do have. The problem with having all these photos in albums or a ziplock bag is that if something happened to these photos I would be devastated. I have even started taking photos of some of my favorite pictures with my iPhone so they are saved somewhere just in case. I know it might be silly, but you can never get back photos and the memories that go along with them.

Now there is a company that preserve all your memories digitally for you. Legacybox is an amazing company that that takes your negatives, VHS tapes, photos, reels, audio, and more. They will take any form of old memorabilia and digitize it so you can keep those photos and videos forever on CD, DVD, flash drive, and digital download.

Here is how it works... They send you a big box and you fill the box with photos and videos that you want digitized and send it back to them. A few weeks later you will get your original photos and tapes back, along with your digital images, videos, audio recordings, etc. There are 4 different boxes to choose from. It really is fantastic. 

Legacybox does all of the hard work for you. I simply sorted through all my photos one evening and sent the ones that have the most meaning that I want to hold on to forever. I had no problem sending off my videos and photos. I had confidence in Legacybox. They have built safety into each step with heavy crush proof boxes, packing materials, round trip shipping, tracking, and barcoding. They have over a decade of experience digitizing everyone's fondest memories.

The best part is now that everything is digitized I can use it on my blog or social media. I highly recommend this service. What a great gift this would be for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or birthdays. Everyone loves looking back and bringing great memories back to life. You will relive, laugh, and cry at the memories that you may have forgotten about, and especially the ones you will now never forget. The process is painless and affordable, so start getting your favorite photos and videos together and order a Legacybox.

Order your Legacybox today and get 40% off with the code CHERISH, so you can gather your loved ones and begin the trip down memory lane.

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