My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 9

This past Friday we were invited to a screening and panel discussion of the final season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It was an amazing event. There were MLP cutouts everywhere, colorful balloons, a candy bar, drinks, popcorn, and more. We got to meet some of the beautiful talented women who voice the characters for MLP and Carter and Kennedy were so excited the entire day. We are so sad to see MLP coming to an end, but we hope this is not the last we see or hear of MLP because my kids are such big fans of the franchise. You can watch the new season, which started this past Saturday, April 6th on Discovery Family.

Kennedy wanted to bring every single plush horse, toy, etc.  We settled on 4 ponies.

Nicole Oliver, the voice of Queen Celestia.  She was so nice.  She made the kids close their eyes and imagine Queen Celestia and she spoke to them in her voice.  It was so awesome.

Ashleigh Ball the voice of Applejack and Rainbow Dash

Cathy Weseluck the voice of Spike

Some of the goodies that were in the swag bags.

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