Weeknight Dinners Made Easy WIth Hidden Valley Ranch

This post is sponsored by the makers of Hidden Valley® Ranch but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

One dinner that is so easy during the week that Blake and I really enjoy with the kids is making homemade pizzas. While we are busy making our pizzas I always have a tray of vegetables and our favorite creamy ranch dip to snack on. Now Hidden Valley® is making Ready To Eat Dips in a richer, thicker texture that makes immediate dipping downright irresistible. This product is not yet available for purchase on Amazon, but it will be coming soon.

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I love that it's still the classic, deliciousness I know and love, fit for any food-dipping occasion. It’s the same delectable mixture of buttermilk, real garlic and onion, but now comes in a thick, creamy texture so I can dip right in. It is so convenient for dinner when we eat pizza, buffalo chicken bites, or for encouraging the kids to eat their veggies each night since they love to dip them in Hidden Valley ®Ranch. If you're serving an appetizer or a snack for your kids after school, the Ready To Eat Dips from Hidden Valley® are so perfect and make it easy to store.

I can't wait for this summer when we head to the beach or the pool and I can just pack our veggies, chips and one of these Ready To Eat Dips from Hidden Valley®. It will be so easy to just snap it closed and save it for later. The dip is ready and waiting for you to dip. No making the dip, no washing dishes, no messes! Just dip, eat, and repeat!

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Hidden Valley® also has a Seasoning Mix Shaker that is so convenient, simple and delicious. They are great for parties, events and will spice up any meal. You can take your popcorn to a whole new level with this Seasoning Mix Shaker or you can just sprinkle some Ranch seasoning into your meal to add some flavors. I like to sprinkle some on my pizza when we make homemade pizzas. I also like to dip my pizza in the Ready To Eat Hidden Valley® Ranch Dip.

Make sure you check for these products on Amazon. You can even purchase them on Amazon Prime Pantry, so you don't even have to go to the grocery store. You can also apply a 20% off coupon to only one seasoning shaker product with your code: 20HVRPATRICIO