World Of Disney In Downtown Disney

One of my favorite places to shop is World of Disney in Downtown Disney.  They always seem to have the best selection of everything Disney! It just got remodeled and I did a little shopping on Monday and wanted to share some pictures of the inside of the store with all of you.  

It is so large, bright, open, and very easy to find what you are looking for.  There are separate sections for Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Princesses, etc.  I liked the brick walls, wood floors, and the projected images on the floor.  

This shirt makes me laugh

This wall was amazing.  With the help of pixie dust the pictures magically come to life.  

The Mickey Mouse Club line is my favorite and it was my favorite show growing up.  I wanted everything from this collection.  The line is exclusive to World of Disney for 30 days and then you will be able to find it in the parks and

It is a magical shopping experience throughout the whole store.  I went Monday morning right when they opened so hardly anyone was in the store.  I loved hearing the different music in each section and the Christmas section was amazing.

I had to get this shirt.

There was a whole Wreck It Ralph section, so of course Carter and Kennedy each got to pick something.  Carter picked a Wreck It Ralph figurine set and Kennedy wanted the Vanellope plush doll.

I wanted every single ornament, but I loved this one the most!

These pajamas!  If you know me, you know I am sucker for a matching set of pajamas!

This was my first time going into World of Disney right when it opened and it was so nice.  Everything was stocked and there were hardly any people in the store.  It was definitely a more enjoyable shopping experience.  So if you are not trying to make rope drop in the parks, you should really take the time to shop in the morning at World of Disney.

We love Downtown Disney.  I know I have shared several times that we hardly eat dinner in the parks.  We ususally eat at Naples or Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney, but there are so many  great places to eat.  There is also the new bowling ally Splitsville (I have not been to it yet), there is Sprinkles (which we LOVE), the new ice-cream shop Salt and Straw (I have not tried this yet) and so much more.  I love Downtown Disney!

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