Pull Up A Chair With Tiffani Thiessen

I LOVE Tiffani Thiessen. Growing up I never missed an episode of Saved By The Bell (own the entire series on DVD and I always wanted to be Kelly so bad), loved her as Valerie on Beverly Hills 90210, watched her on Fastlane, What About Brian, and Son In Law (one of my favorite movies), as well as a million other TV movies and shows. She now stars on the Netflix show Alexa and Katie and it is so good! I have watched every episode of Dinner At Tiffani's on the Cooking Channel and have made several of her recipes. So of course when I heard about her cook book tour, I knew I had to go! 

I usually go to all my book signings at The Grove Barnes and Noble in LA. They really take care of their Barnes and Noble members, the events are run smoothly and I love it. I could not make The Grove this week and decided to go to the Barnes and Noble in Folsom, CA. It was a beautiful book store and shopping center, but overall the Folsom Barnes and Noble was not prepared for this event, they were disorganized, and had no idea what to do for a book signing. Overall, the experience was great though. I had a front row seat to the discussion portion. Tiffani took only 5 questions and I was the first to ask a question. She was beautiful, kind, and has not changed a bit since Saved By The Bell. She signed books and we were able to get photos with her. It was a great day!

Thank you to my dear friend Sophie for tagging along and keeping me company all day and driving with me. I am so blessed by your friendship! Thank you Blake and Nikki for taking care of the kids all day so I could have a little mommy fun!

 We were on Tiffani Thiessen's IG stories!

Here's a video I put together from the day...

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