7 Occasions When You Need Matching Pajamas With Hanna Andersson

Once September hits I start thinking fall, Halloween, Christmas and matching family pajamas! Decorating for the holidays, color coordinating and matching is my jam! Matching family pajamas from Hanna Andersson are my absolute favorite. They make a great gift for your own family, sister or brothers family, whoever you are spending the holidays with, matching all the cousins, etc. It is so fun and and much more than just the pajamas, you are making memories to last a lifetime!

I love Hanna Andersson so much and their sleepwear is my favorite. They have the best designs, they are so cozy, reasonably priced, and last forever (Kennedy wears Carter's old hand me down pairs). I wanted to share 7 occasions when you need matching pajamas and how to have fun and make memories being together!

1. Christmas morning: we started this tradition the year Carter was born and our pajamas have always been Hanna Andersson. It is so fun to wear new pajamas on Christmas Eve and go to bed waiting for Santa to arrive, waking up the next morning and staying in your cozy Hanna Andersson pajamas all day long while playing with new toys and watching the Christmas parade on TV.  There really is nothing better.  Our pajamas are Dear Deer and you can find them here.

2. Family photos: it is always fun to get Christmas cards with the entire family looking their best and all glammed up, but wearing coordinating family pajamas and sitting by the fireplace reading Christmas stories and enjoying yummy cookies says "Merry Christmas" to me loud and proud!

3. Halloween: everyone loves dressing up for Halloween, so why not throw in some matching pajamas to go with your spooktacular spirit all month long! Hanna Andersson makes the most festive pajamas for Halloween and every single occasion.  Their Bat Night Flight, Cat Mask Arcade, and Ghosties pajamas are all so perfect for Halloween. You can check them all out here.

4. Announcing the birth of a new family member: There is nothing more exciting then welcoming a new family member and Hanna Andersson pajamas are made from infant to adult sizes, so there is something for everyone. Plus, it is a great way for siblings to connect.  They have some great mom + baby moments and the classic stripes pajamas are perfect for this!

5. Pajama day at school: permission to wear pajamas to school?... yes please! Every school usually does this once a year, so make sure your child has the cutest pair with an adorable design and I know Hanna Andersson can make that happen.  Hanna Andersson has Justice League, Disney, Star Wars, stripes and more.  They have so many designs to chose from check them out here.

6. Family vacation: there is nothing better than vacationing as a family all together and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I always love having a new set of pajamas for our trips and I love having matching ones.  The kids really think it is so much fun.  Every time we go to Disneyland I make sure to pick up new pairs that we all love.  Check out all the Disney pajamas here.

7. Cousin/friend sleepover: besides all the festive fun Hanna Andersson pajamas they also have classic stripes. I love these for all year long and it is so fun if you have a birthday party for one of your children and do these pajamas as the favor or a bachelorette party favor, bridal shower favor, cousin sleepover.  The ideas for matching pajamas or gifting them out is endless.

So in my book matching family pajamas are always a win. It is more than pajamas, it is a connection, making memories, and being together.  So this holiday season make sure you check out Hanna Andersson.

Use code PATRICIO20 for 20% off all pajamas and 18% off anything else.  Happy shopping!

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