Why Every Kid Should Have Their Birthday Party At Skywalk

We love SkyWalk. It is a sports complex located in Madera, CA with over 7,000 square feet of trampolines, offering open jumps, fitness classes, private parties, and more!  We visit during the summer at least twice a week. They have open jump in the mornings from 10 am to 11 am and my kids love it. We have hosted Carter's 4th and 5th birthday parties at SkyWalk and it really is our favorite place to celebrate birthdays and have fun!  This year his theme was The Incredibles.  It was perfect for him because he loves both movies, we love anything Disney and Pixar, and he is one incredible boy!

All decorations came from Party City including this giant gliding balloon.

These amazing glasses are from Sun Staches and as a favor we gave every guest at the party their own pair of Incredibles Sun Staches.  They were a hit!

SkyWalk has 3 different party packages, but hands down the way to go is the private party. The entire arena is closed for just your party guests for the 1 hour of jump time and I love that. I am not worried about strangers getting in my photos or older kids possibly jumping too close to any of the smaller kids. It is just so nice to have the entire arena of jumping for your party only. 

You get to choose your own private room. SkyWalk has 3 rooms and I have a particular favorite room that we have used all 3 years while celebrating Carter's birthday at SkyWalk. SkyWalk also takes care of ordering the pizza for you. Just tell them how many cheese or pepperoni pizzas you need and they will call and place the order and the pizzas arrive right when your 1 hour jump time is over for the kids to sit down, eat, and rest.

Extra little perks are the custom wrist bands each birthday jumper gets, along with their own pair of complementary grip socks for jumping and SkyWalk has several awesome prints to choose from! The birthday jumper gets a special birthday gift from SkyWalk, you are assigned a SkyWalk employee for the 1 hour and 45 minutes you are in your private room for any help you might need. They will help serve pizza, cut cake, hand out cupcakes, help clean up, etc. They are so amazing at SkyWalk.  They will also do the party invites if you want. How amazing is that?! Just give SkyWalk the list of guests you want included and they take care of the rest.

I just want to thank everyone who came to Carter's birthday party.  You could have done anything you wanted Monday night, but you chose to come, take time out of your day and celebrate Carter!

Like I mentioned above, we go to SkyWalk a lot and this is our third birthday party with them. They really are amazing. I love the staff and the facility.  It is always clean, safe, and it really is so easy to host a party at SkyWalk. There is never any stress and I know the party will be fantastic and everything will be taken care of. Plus, every kid loves SkyWalk, so the party is sure to be a hit! 

We are beyond blessed and so proud of Carter.  He is the light in our eyes!  I can't believe we are celebrating his 7th birthday.  Time is a thief.

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