Kennedy 23 Months

Kennedy is 23 months old. She is still wearing a size 4 diaper. She is wearing mostly 24 month and 2T clothing, and size 6 in shoes. She weighs 25.8 pounds. She is still talking up a storm! She will try to repeat anything you say or she just comes up to me and starts babbling and talking but I still can't understand most of what she is saying. She loves to dance too. She eats breakfast with Carter every morning. They have either waffles or pancakes with fruit. Usually an hour after breakfast she has a baby food with rice cereal. An hour after that she usually has a yogurt. She is not the best napper. I put her down between 12 and 1pm and she only naps for about an hour, sometimes a little longer. After nap she has lunch. She is doing better when it comes to lunch.  She has been eating PB&J lately and trying some new things that I have been putting on her plate. For dinner she eats whatever we make for Carter. Her favorite dinner foods are pasta with red sauce, macaroni & cheese, and cheese pizza. Tonight she ate pasta with red sauce and was eating meatballs like a boss!  She goes to bed right at 8pm and drinks about 8oz of milk before bed in her sippy cup. Overall she is not the best eater (super picky) and her naps are short.  She still adores bath time and she definitely keeps me and Blake on our toes! Blake and I have to agree that this past month she has been a lot better (thank God).  She is eating a little better and trying new things and she is sleeping through the night and acting more content.  If you have been praying for us, thank you and keep those prayers coming!  I can't believe she will be 2 years old at the end of this month!  We have lots of fun things happening this month including her birthday, swim lessons, and so much more!  Happy 23 months Kennedy!