Kennedy 22 Months

Kennedy is 22 months old. She is still wearing a size 4 diaper. She is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothing, some 2T, and size 6 in shoes. She weighs 25 pounds. She is still talking up a storm! She will try to repeat anything you say or she just comes up to me and starts babbling and talking but I can't understand most of what she is saying. She loves to dance too. She eats breakfast with Carter every morning. They have either waffles or pancakes with fruit. Usually an hour after breakfast she has a baby food with rice cereal. An hour after that she usually has a yogurt. She is not the best napper. I put her down between 12 and 1pm and she only naps for about an hour, sometimes a little longer. After nap she has lunch. Kennedy is giving me a run for my money lately with lunch. She used to love PB&J, grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches, sliced turkey and cheese, fruit, and other things and now she won't eat any of it. She just throws it on the ground or plays with it. I always leave her in her seat for close to an hour and then I say forget it and she has to wait until dinner to eat. For dinner she eats whatever we make for Carter. Her favorite dinner foods are pasta with red sauce, macaroni & cheese, and cheese pizza. She goes to bed right at 8pm and drinks about 8oz of milk before bed in her sippy cup. Overall she is not the best eater (super picky) and her naps are short and she is horrible about sleeping through the night. She still adores bath time and she definitely keeps me and Blake on our toes! She is just the most sassy defiant little 22 month old around. We are hoping and praying in the next couple months as she approaches her second birthday she starts eating and sleeping better.