Easter Pictures 2016

Over the weekend we took Carter and Kennedy to have Easter pictures taken.  Every year we always visit the Easter bunny at the mall, so this was no different.  Kennedy was not a fan on the Easter bunny, even though she loves every Disney character including the villains, but she did not want to sit with Easter bunny.  We also took the kids to 360 Image Makers Photography (in the Fort Washington shopping center).  They always have a cute set up for the holidays and I love their Easter set up because they include real bunnies.  They let the kids hold the bunnies, play, and feed them too.  I love it.  Carter and Kennedy loved playing with the bunnies while we waited in line, but when it came time to take our picture Kennedy would not sit with Carter and started to throw a fit.  So Carter got his picture alone.  I have been visiting the mall bunny and 360 Image Makers Photography since Carter was born, so I feel like every year I have to do both so I can compare photos and see how much he has grown.  I like both equally.  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!