DWTS Season 21

Last night I went to DWTS (season 21) again. I was so excited to go and share the experience with my friends Sophie and Natalie again. We had the VIP experience thanks to a DWTS employee. We had a great time, as always. I have been watching since season 1 and driving to LA and seeing it live since season 2! I am a total fan! There is nothing like watching it live and seeing all the professional dancers and celebrities! I have been really lucky this season. I have received tickets for September 14th, September 21,22, 28, and October 12th. I am not always able to go every week, but it is so much fun to see it live. If you can get tickets you should really go. If you have any questions on how to get tickets or what to do the day of the taping please do not hesitate to call because I would call myself a professional DWTS groupie/ticket holder. Since we had VIP we were able to meet several of the cast of DWTS, visit with everyone, and we had the best time ever. Like I said, I have gone to DWTS lots of times and nothing compared to last night. It was amazing and we made memories to last a lifetime.  Also, the theme was famous dances, which was a great night to go.  Both the dances and music were awesome.

Sophie was the only one who got a picture with Olivia Newton John!  #legendary

I have been coming since season 2 and I get asked all the time, if you could only meet one DWTS cast member who would it be?  My answer never changes every season and every time I go to see it live the answer is always Julianne Hough.  Last night that wish came true.  She is beautiful and so nice.

Noah Galloway was on season 20

This is one of my girl crushes!  Sharna Burgess

Paula Deen was as sweet as could be!  She was sent home last night, but she was okay with it.  She was ready to go and spend time with her grand babies.

Jake Pavelka season 10 DWTS and Bachelorette 5th season and Bachelor season 14.  

Monica (I secretly just wanted to break it down and start singing "The Boy Is Mine" OR "Don't Take It Personal")

Lindsay Arnold

Aleck Skarlatos

Witney Carson

The next two pictures are with Carlos and Alexa Pena Vega.  When DWTS first started this season my sister was all about these two.  I was not so sure.  After meeting them last night, hanging out with them after the show, and even walking with them to their car, I think I am obsessed with this couple and we are all now BFFs!  Carlos and Alexa TRULY love their fans and we got to spend some time and talk with them because last night it was very obvious that Mark Ballas (Alexa's partner) was not in a good mood, taking it out on Alexa, and just being a poor sport.  After Mark and Alexa performed, Mark removed himself away from Alexa and the cast and went and sat with his mom and dad who were in the audience siting right by us.  Mark pouted the entire show and Mark's dad Corky Ballas was at one point rubbing his back and trying to cheer him up.  It was ridiculous!  Mark did not even want to go down on the stage at the very end and stand with Alexa.  So rude.  It was very obvious that Mark needs to grow up and be there for his partner who is AMAZING!  Don't get me wrong, I have met Mark several times before and he is always so gracious to pose for pictures, but last night was different.  Alexa and Carlos agreed with everything I said about Mark Ballas and even said it has been really hard with Mark all season.  So sad for sweet Alexa.  We literally just fell in love with Carlos and Alexa and spent most of our evening talking and hanging out with them.  I know where my votes will be going now each week.

Carlos Pena Vega

 Alexa Pena Vega

Andy Grammer

Allison Holker

My girl Sharna again

Tamar (I watch her talk show The Real daily and we got to chat a little bit about the show) #girlgetyourlife

And this sweetie Val Chmerkovskiy (I met him last Monday too)

 Emma Slater

My DWTS tee shirt from Cory all wrapped up in the star packaging

Louie Van Amstel has been on DWTS off and on since season 1

Sharna again without the wig

Dirty Dancing


I'm a slave for you by Britney Spears

Jailhouse Rock

Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson

Saturday Night Fever

Good Morning from Singing in the rain

Vogue by Madonna

Magic Mike