Goodbye Big Thunder Ranch

So Halloween celebrations begin in Disneyland starting September 11th (ending November 1st) and I am so sad to share with you that the carnival at Big Thunder Ranch will not be back this year.  We have visited this area every year as a family.  I will miss seeing the villians at the Conjure A Villian tent, all the characters in their Halloween costumes, the petting zoo, and the talented pumpkin carvers making those amazing pumpkins too.  They are demolishing Big Thunder Ranch and Big Thunder Ranch BBQ to make room for the Star Wars Land (which I am completely against).  That will also mean no Jingle Jangle Jamboree at Christmas time and no Spring Time Roundup at Easter time.  For the moment, Big Thunder Ranch BBQ is still open and I was able to make a reservation to eat there probably one last time in October.  Of course we will be going to Disneyland again next month!  There is nothing better than going to Disneyland for Halloween.  If you have never been I highly recommend it.  Especially during the week when the parks are not crowded.  I personally love all the decorations and feel it is the best time to visit!  Plus you have to experience Mickey's Halloween Party and see the Halloween Screams Fireworks!  If you have never eaten at The Big Thunder Ranch BBQ you really should try soon before they close it for good.  It is amazing.  I just wanted to share this latest Disney news with all of you.

Halloween time

Christmas time

Spring time