Kennedy 13 Months

Kennedy is 13 months old today. She is wearing size 4 diapers. She is wearing a size 4 in shoes. She is wearing 12 and 18 month clothing. She drinks a bottle when she wakes up between 7-9am (everyday is different), then baby food around 10am, a bottle when she goes down for a nap around 11am, baby food around 2pm, a bottle at 3pm before her afternoon nap, baby food at 6pm and then just a bottle around 8pm and she is down for the night. She is still sleeping through the night and taking 2 naps per day in her crib. She still loves bath time and watching her brother all day and night. She is walking and running all over the place. She never sits still. She likes feeding herself little baby snacks or small pieces of things we give her from our plates that are easy to gum and swallow. She says mama, dad, duck, and bath. She is such a happy baby and a good sleeper. She is not the best napper, Carter used to nap for hours and Kennedy naps usually 1 hour maybe an hour and a half if I am lucky. She is nothing like her brother. Carter would sit and watch shows and play with toys right on the carpet and never move (he actually still does this). Kennedy is a mover! If you blink she is gone. She does not watch many shows (just started being mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad) and is not entertained for long by any toys and she likes to be held a lot. Just lately she has started getting more "clingy" and does not want to stay in a room by herself. She wants to be part of the action at all times. We are very excited to watch her develop this year and can't wait to share with all of you what she will be doing and learning!