Valentine's Day Weekend

We spent Valentine's Day weekend at Blake's parents beach house in Aptos at the Seascape Resort.  We just love it over there.  Blake and I were married in Aptos and our reception was at the Seascape Resort.  We have spent Valentine's in Aptos since 2009.  Before Carter and Kennedy we would enjoy Casa Palmero Spa, Roys, shopping, and movies.  Some years we even invited friends to join us, and now with two children we enjoy the wharf, the aquarium, toy stores, and Disney movies.  But I would not change it for a second.  We had amazing weather, like super HOT weather (I laid out in my bathing suit).  It was a three day weekend, which does not get any better and we had a great time.  Here are some pics of all the fun we had!

Blake and I got this alligator teeter totter for the kids for Valentine's day.  They love it.

Friday we spent the day at the wharf, ate dinner at Blake's favorite (Palapas), and after the kids went to bed we watched The Loft online.  It was a great movie!  

Saturday we ate lunch at Gayle's, shopped downtown Santa Cruz, the Capitola mall, Toys R Us, and had dinner at Village Host.  After the kids went to bed we watched The Boy Next Door and that was super crazy and scary and I would not recommend it.  

The cards Blake and I gave each other.

A sweet for my sweet

Sunday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, ate lunch at Palapas and dinner at Aptos St. BBQ.  

Monday we went back to the wharf, and Gayle's.  We headed home just in time to do laundry, grocery store, cook dinner, baths, and bed.  Now little miss Kennedy thinks she is hot stuff sitting up in the bath with her brother Carter, which started over the weekend.  I guess she no longer needs the baby bath, which means she is growing up way too fast.