Kennedy 8 Months

Kennedy is 8 months old today! She is still wearing a size 3 diaper. She is wearing a size 3 in shoes. She is wearing 9 - 12 month clothing. She drinks a bottle when she wakes up at 7am, then baby food and a bottle at 11am, baby food and bottle at 3pm, baby food and bottle at 6pm and then just a bottle between 8-8:30pm and she is down for the night. She is still sleeping through the night and taking 2 naps per day. She sleeps only in her crib. She still loves bath time and watching her brother all day and night. She has 3 bottom teeth and is rolling everywhere. She can almost sit on her own, but is still figuring out how to balance. She babbles and talks non-stop and she is just the sweetest little girl.