Tinsel Our Elf Is Back!

I have had The Elf on the Shelf book and the Elf named Tinsel before Blake and I ever had children.  I always loved the story and used the book and elf in my Christmas decor each year.  We decided this year with Carter being almost 3 1/2 that he may be ready for the elf.  Last night we read the book before bed and we explained to Carter that he cannot touch Tinsel, that Tinsel cannot talk to him, and that he will be watching Carter's behavior and reporting back to Santa each night.  I have bought over 20 gifts, so if Carter is good each day he will get a new special treat.

This was his reaction when he saw Tinsel Monday morning!

Blake reading the letter to Carter

The special Calendar to count the 25 days until Christmas

Day 2: Tinsel hid in Carter's stocking and brought Carter a new shirt and a Christmas book.