Holiday Fun

Here are some fun photo ops that I have been taking of the kids as a continuation of pics I have taken every year since Carter was born.




I went into Carter's room one day and he was sitting on his shopping cart and pretending he was Santa and Bullseye was his reindeer.  Later that same day we found him a Santa hat with Rudolph added to the mix.  The next day I made him a sleigh.  He has been in his glory every day since. 

This year Carter has been so into Christmas like his mama.  He could watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon version) over and over again and has really enjoyed Charlie Brown's Christmas.  His favorite Christmas songs that he sings non-stop are Away in a Manger, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and Frosty.  He tried hot chocolate for the first time this year and has enjoyed some candy, Christmas cookies and goodies for the first time.