Our Week In Pictures

This week we have been home bound. Carter came down with a runny nose and a lovely cough last Sunday when we came home from the beach house for the 4th of July. So I have been trying to get him better, give extra snuggles, wipe his nose about 1,000 times a day and constantly Clorex wipe everything down including myself before I hold Kennedy or go near her. The last thing I need is my 6 week old daughter getting sick. We are also trying to potty train Carter. Now this might be the hardest thing I have ever done. We are setting a timer for every 15 minutes and trying to go on the potty. We have cool Diego pullups (even though we don't watch Diego) and we have a huge green bucket that is filled with all new toys that I bought. So every time he goes he can get a new toy. You would think my son would be wanting to go on the potty to get new toys, but no not Carter. He does not even care. At least he does not give me any trouble every 15 minutes going to the potty. On some days I feel like I am living in the bathroom. I will keep you posted on how this all works out. I think it will take a while. Anyways, today is Saturday and Kennedy is sleeping in her swing and Carter is eating breakfast and I finally have a moment to blog and share pictures from our week. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be busy finalizing Carter's 3rd birthday party, Kennedy's baptism, cleaning the house, going to the grocery store, cleaning the backyard and frontyard, hopefully getting my nails and toes done, going to Lululemon (I hate their hours - it does not work with my schedule and my husband who is in busy season right now), getting to the bank to open an account for Kennedy, going car shopping to figure out my next car since my lease is up very soon, and so much more. My list is constantly getting longer instead of shorter and getting things done with 2 children is much harder. Plus Blake is only off today, so I need to try to get most of this done since I have an extra set of hands. Wish me luck!

There is nothing better than her sleeping on my chest

Have you seen the movie on the Disney Channel Lucky Duck? Can you guess who is obsessed with ducks right now and that movie?