Carter's Swim Lessons

Carter finished swim lessons at Jan Thomas Swim School yesterday. He started at the beginning of May and has been going twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday. He absolutely hated swim lessons last year (Carter and I did mommy and me), he cried and threw up at every lesson. It was miserable for both of us and needless to say I was nervous to bring him back. Thankfully this year was totally different! From the first lesson he jumped into the pool and never looked back. He loved his teacher Mckenzie and so did Blake and I. She was so loving and amazing with Carter. It was so much fun watching him swim to the edge of the pool, jump in, roll over and float, and enjoy himself in the pool. I believe Jan Thomas Swim School is the absolute best and worth every penny. Seriously Carter was swimming by the second lesson! Thank you papa Steve and grandma Nikki for paying for the lessons and coming to watch Carter swim several times and buying him whatever he wanted at the Duck Hut!