What A Fabulous Weekend

On Friday Blake, Carter, and I headed to Palo Alto to meet Giada De Laurentiis for the 7th time! I am a huge fan and I enjoy her cook books, watching her on TV weekly, and I admire her as a wife and mother. I am so obsessed with her it is not even funny. Even after traveling all the way from Fresno Friday morning we were still the first in line to meet Giada. Carter of course had on another shirt that Blake and I made him that said I Love Giada and it had a picture of the cover of her new cook book. Carter wore a similar shirt when we met her last year. She loved Carter's shirt and remembered us from last year. I brought a copy of our picture from last year, one for her to keep and one for her to sign for us. She was as pleasant as always and spent time chatting with us and taking pictures. It totally made my day! Carter also was amazing the entire day! I have to brag, he sat for almost 3 hours in a car driving to Palo Alto, then he ate lunch and sat in his stroller and colored for about an hour, and then he fell asleep in his stroller and stayed asleep until I had to wake him because Giada had arrived! He was an angel! I think he knew this day meant a lot to me because he is not always that good or easy!

On Saturday we took Carter to the wharf in Santa Cruz. He is obsessed with ocean animals right now, so we thought it would be fun to visit the sea lions and he loved it.

Also on Saturday we went to the Monterey Zoo and Vision Quest. It is located in Salinas and they do a 1 hour tour everyday at 1pm. It is only open at 1pm and the tour ends at 2pm. There are no other times and you cannot stay after the tour ends. So we went at 1pm and took the tour and saw some amazing animals like lions, tigers, monkeys, zebras, and elephants. The most amazing part was that at the end you get to feed the elephants by hand! We loved it!