Pumpkin Patch Fun

It is hard to believe October is already half way over. It has been lots of fun except for the sick days we are having right now. I have been fighting a little cold and Carter got an ear infection on Monday, then had a reaction to the medication they put him on and he broke out in hives, so we have been dealing with that since Monday (I swear if it is not one thing it is another when you have kids). We have been at home all week. I am thankful we hit up a few pumpkin patches earlier this month. We went to Turlock to visit the Ahlems and they have an amazing pumpkin patch with several unique different kinds of pumpkins (which are my favorite). So we played around there one night and picked out tons of pumpkins. Last weekend we went to Hillcrest pumpkin patch to ride the train and check it out for the first time. Carter loved the train ride and it was a lot of fun! We hope everyone is enjoying their October. We are looking forward to these last 2 weeks of October because we have lots of fun things planned!