Baby and Me Swim Class at Jan Thomas

June has been a long month. My birthday was at the beginning of this month and I like to celebrate my birthday all month long. I should have thought twice about doing "baby and me" swim classes with Carter every Tuesday and Thursday for this month because this was not a celebration or happy time for either of us this entire month. The only good thing about these swim lessons was that the pool was heated.  Carter seriously cried every Tuesday and Thursday for the entire 1/2 hour lesson. The funny part is he loves his bath and our pool at home. He just did not like his lessons. Also he is a very good swimmer he has such a good kick he was the first in his class to get flippers! All together it was not a great experience for us. I hated to see him cry. He would hang onto me so tight like a monkey climbing a tree and when we left lessons we were both exhausted. I always had a headache and my body was tense and ached from him clinging to me so tightly and he was so tired from crying and going under water. The only good thing is that after lessons we would go home and he would go right to sleep and every Tuesday and Thursday he always napped for 3 to 4 hours! I even napped too some days! I am not sure if I would recommend baby and me classes. I think it might be better just do private lessons. Everyone told me that and I did not listen, but I thought it would be a fun bonding experience for Carter and me. I will not do baby and me classes again. I also think I should have done this last year with Carter and started privates this year, but you live and learn. I have decided the rest of this summer to have fun by the pool with Carter and practice what we have learned, then next year he will start private lessons. I do LOVE Jan Thomas overall and will continue to go there. Happy Summer!