DWTS All Stars Season 15

I absolutely love DWTS. It's my favorite show on television. I have been watching since season 1 when we lived in San Jose in a little one bedroom apartment and I have been going to see it live in LA since season 5. Every season Blake and I just sign up for tickets and we have been so lucky to get them every season. This past Monday Blake got the tickets, so my very gracious and patient husband took me to LA for the day to see it live. I have been very fortunate to sit on the floor every time except once I sat in the balcony section. That has got to be some kind of record, especially if they have 2 seasons a year. I have made friends with the CBS staff and I make sure I remember all their names. This really helps! Anyways, Blake and I were the first in line (which I LOVE) so we could sit and watch all the dancers and celebrities drive into the studio parking lot. It is amazing. They sometimes will talk to you, honk their horn, wave, and take pictures. Of course I live for this! Monday was probably the BEST time I have ever had. Blake and I were the first in line (this happens a lot), we had a yummy lunch in line that Blake went and got for us, I got to see several dancers and celebrities drive in, Kyle Massey came out and interviewed me and 3 others for ABC (you can see the interview online). Usually they let priority people in first, like disabled people, those who bought tickets through an auction, etc. Then they start with the normal line (which is the one we are in). Well, it pays to know people because Blake and I were brought in before the priority line and seated on the floor right next to Shawn Johnson's parents and family members. It was amazing! We talked to them all night, along with Sarah Palin, Apolo Ohno's dad, Melissa's husband Tye, Gilles Marini, Leeza Gibbons, and more. I can't even think of everyone I introduced myself to or chatted with. Blake gets so embarrassed and thinks I am crazy by the way. After the show they asked us to stay for another interview that they said would show on Tuesday night's results show. We stayed and did the interview, but we noticed it did not show on Tuesday. Maybe in the near future it will air, who knows. I loved the show from beginning to end and we had the BEST seats. Paula Abdul was a special guest judge and when I was younger I was obsessed with her. I loved that for the first time in the show's history the couples performed new dance styles. Thank you Blake for taking me. I had the BEST day! Thank you Steve and Nikki for keeping Carter for us! I predict that Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson will end up in the finals against Cheryl Burke and Emmitt Smith. Love this show!

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