12 Months

Carter is 12 months old today! He is still in a size 3 diaper, he is wearing a size 4 in shoes, and he wears 12-18 month clothing. He weighs 22 pounds 10 ounces and he is 30.5 inches tall. He is eating baby foods like a champ and we have started introducing regular foods that Blake and I are eating. His favorite meal is still breakfast. He loves pancakes and waffles. This morning he got a candle in his waffle for his birthday. We are no longer using bottles and he drinks from a sippy cup that still has a nipple, but we are making progress. He loves to babble and say mama and dada and clap his hands. He still watches Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We are also watching some PBS and he loves the show Super Why. Carter is crawling and moving all over the place. He took one step Monday night, so I don't think it will be long until he is walking. I am getting my exercise by chasing him around all day. He is getting into everything and he can pull himself up to stand in his crib, against the couch, and the coffee table. My baby boy is growing up so fast and I don't like it one bit. Of course we are still enjoying every minute with our little man. We have been swimming a lot, he loves the water and we have so much fun in our pool. We are also reading a ton of books. He loves for me to read to him. Happy 12 months Carter! I love you so much!