Happy Birthday To Me

Last week was my birthday.  We have been celebrating and visited two of our favorite places.  Last weekend we went to Aptos and stayed at Blake's parents beach house.  We love it in Aptos (we were married there).  We ate at our favorite places, (Village Host, Palapas, Gayle's) walked the wharf, and showed Carter the sea lions, which he thought was so exciting.  I even got to spend a little time at the Casa Palmero Spa in Pebble Beach.

The week of my birthday I was able to go to dinner with Blake and my sister, Ashley.  Thank you Steve and Nikki for watching Carter.  I was also spoiled by some of my friends.  We went to lunch at Pismo's and they showered me with gifts! Thank you Nikki for watching Carter while I went to lunch with girlfriends.

This past weekend we went to Newport Beach.  We love Newport and have been visiting frequently for over 10 years.  Our sister in law AVP is from Newport Beach and her family still lives there.  When we first started going there they showed us all their favorite spots to eat and shop and we have continued to do it every time we go.  We could seriously move there and I would be in my glory.  We did a lot in just a couple of days.  We went to Balboa Island, Fashion Island, Where's The Party, South Coast Plaza, ate at Haute Cakes, Tommy Bahamas, Sabatino's, and Maggiano's.  We also met Heather Dubrow from The Real Housewives of the Orange County.  She was so nice.  I tweeted her later in the day thanking her for taking a picture with me and she tweeted me back!  Yes, I have a twitter basically to follow and stalk my celebrity peeps.  It was a wonderful weekend and a great birthday!

My first ever frozen chocolate covered banana.

Heather Dubrow