Bill & Giuliana Rancic At The Grove

Today my sister Ashley and I went to The Grove in L.A. for Bill & Giuliana's book signing for their new book, I Do, Now What? The book signing was not until this evening and we knew that Mario Lopez would be interviewing them earlier in the day for Extra. We decided to be there in time for the Extra interview hoping to meet Bill & Giuliana so we would not have to stay until this evening and drive home late since Ashley and I both have work tomorrow. It worked out just as we had planned or maybe even better! Bill & Giuliana were interviewed for Extra and Ashley and I got to stand in the background (look for us on Extra TV later this week, possibly tomorrow). After the interview, we got a chance to talk with Bill & Giuliana, get pictures with them, and see her gorgeous wedding ring! It was so much fun. They were both so nice in person and so adorable. I like seeing celebrities who are really in love. Giuliana was beautiful in person and her teeth were so white! If you know me personally, you know I am big fan of teeth, and I could not stop staring at her pearly whites. They were so bright and perfectly straight. She is also very, very, very skinny, but absolutely beautiful! Since we got to spend time with Bill & Giuliana after Extra, we decided to head home this afternoon and not wait for the book signing. Bill & Giuliana could not believe we came all the way from Fresno! Ashley and I explained that we were BIG fans of Giuliana and that we have watched her on the E! channel since 2006. We love their reality show and wish them nothing but the best! It was such a fun day! Thanks Ashley for going with me! I love you!! I will be blogging about their book in a couple of days, since I am not done with it yet.