The BEST Vegas Trip

Some of you may know, but I try to go to Vegas every couple of months with the girls for a fun weekend getaway. I absolutely love Las Vegas. We always have a good time, eat at great restaurants, lay by the pool, go out dancing, and if we are lucky we meet some celebrities. After this past weekend no Vegas trip could even compare. Blake and I went to Las Vegas to join our friends Blake and Cherie, who were already there with family. We stayed at the new hotel The Palazzo and had the most amazing time. Friday night we went to The Pussycat Dolls Lounge and Pure inside Caesars Palace because the beautiful Kim Kardashian was there performing with the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls. We got several pictures of Kim, Kris (mom), Kourtney (sister), and Khloe (sister). They were so nice. We had so much fun and stayed out until 4 AM! Cherie and I even got a little wild and jumped into the Caesars Palace fountain outside! I know... we are crazy and I think my wild side is starting to rub off on sweet Cherie! Saturday we layed by the pool all day and that night we went to the Christian Audigier nightclub at Treasure Island. Audrina from The Hills was making an appearance there, so Cherie and I worked it all night until we got our picture with her in VIP. It was not easy, but so worth it. We had an amazing time and made some of the best memories! I don't think I will ever go to Vegas again unless its with my Blake and the Smittcamps!

Getting ready to go out Friday night

The Smittcamp family, me, and Blake

Me and Cherie

So super excited!

The Kardashian ladies

Kim performing

Me and Kim

Me and Kourtney

We are so crazy!

Audrina from The Hills

The 2 Blakes

Me and Cherie with our Blakes

B&C West

A Toast to the Good Life!

Dancing on the pole in the VIP area trying to get closer to Audrina!

Cherie and Audrina

Me and Audrina