Meet & Greet with Danity Kane

This is where we waited all day (9 hours)

Ashley and I had been counting down the days and were so excited when Friday finally came. We were going to see Danity Kane at the Hanford Fair! It was general admission for the concert, so basically wherever you got in line was how good your seats would be for the concert that night. Ashley and I were so excited when we got to the fair and we were the first in line! We got up very early and stayed at the fair all day. It was so much fun. Since we were the first in line and stayed at the fair all day in the heat, we received meet and greet passes to meet Danity Kane. We were so happy. Ashley and I have met Danity Kane several times before, but we always get so excited to see them again. We were very sad because Aubrey was sick, but it was still so much fun and the concert was great!

Showing off the meet and greet passes

Danity Kane and I (Aubrey was sick)